From Hattiesburg in the USA – Forrest Proctor (Guitar / Vocals), Clay Parker (Drums) and Alex Musgrove (Bass) form the alt-rock band Deaf&Poor.



Deaf&Poor, have, in their short lives undergone various line-ups though seem to have settled recently with the reappearance of Alex Musgrove, the initial bassist. A full harvest of tracks have surfaced since October of last year including a classic rock EP, a prog-rock EP and a live album which crosses the boundaries.

Despite, or maybe because of, the fragile starting point wherever they set their mind the music has a confident poise that leaves the listener comfortable in their hands. Deaf&Poor are not seeking to tear down the barn door with innovation, which in the long-stay genres from which they draw influences is not a bad thing at all, though do add their own twists and turns along the way, creating music that well worth adding to the collection.

While studio recorded performances are of good quality this is a band to get to hear in performance and it is their latest release Deaf & Poor Live @ The Blind Mule, Mobile AL (available on bandcamp) that allows them to display their rawness and intensity, which is lost in the studio recording, as well as musicianship for those of us who are not near enough to get to see them live.

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