Deadspace – Death – Video

The Australian dark-metal quintet Deadspace release the EP Gravity on the 15th.

Deadspace - Photo by Den Rad

Deadspace – Photo by Den Rad

The four track release, which runs to just over half an hour invites the listener to darken the room and lay back to become enveloped in the mewling vocal, clawing guitar and persuasive hanging bass / percussion as ghostly pianoforte drifts in and out of the shadows, whilst juggling their own sharpened knives above their throat, in a release in which chomping on still warm gizzards in accompaniment seems of perfect side salad.

I am only able to share with you the third track – Death – which nestles betwixt Life and Rebirth, though is not the darkest track which is the opener – Birth, as Deadspace contemplate on a life so many accept is their lot in servitude of the 1%.


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