Dead Sullivan – Kyle – Audio

The US lofi summerhaze project Dead Sullivan will be releasing the LP Season on the 20th of July.

Dead Sullivan - painting by Madeline Crisman

Dead Sullivan – painting by Madeline Crisman

The first track to be revealed from the album (available on bandcamp) which is the third of the dozen – Kyle – marks a lengthy sequence of emails drawn out purely by my notoriously poor administration, for which you, if a longer stayed reader of the site are, sadly, becoming inured – but finally somehow they have aligned today with the new song surfacing.

The combinations of sadcore and lofidelity affords the track a tincture, much akin to a warm shower of rain on a humid summers day – when although not a zinging cool draught, is still a refreshing slough of the oppressive heat, which leaves the listener in reflective mood whilst succoured by the building bulbous droplets of water dripping from overhead shelter.

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