Dead Stars

Dead Stars from New York in The USA is an indie-rock trio comprising – Jeff Moore (Guitar / Vocals), Jaye Moore (Drums) and John Watterberg (Bass).

Dead Stars - photo credit -  Danny Krug

Dead Stars – photo credit – Danny Krug

A calming fuzz emerges from the speakers on hitting play as Dead Stars deliver hazy melodies which are rounded up by a thrusting drive of bass / percussion that gives the music an immediate presence in the room. The trio have made steady progress over the five years of their existence and their new twelve track LP Slumber which comes out on the 17th of June sets a high-water mark in their development.

The material is signatured by a controlled delivery which belies the activity going on inside the tracks, which are layered with melody and hooks whilst giving the listener a sense of calmness, that is enhanced by the slightly fuzzed sound.

It will be interesting to see if Dead Stars can capitalise on the momentum of the forthcoming release and related tour. I certainly wish them well with their endeavours as they are a band who produce sounds which both entertain and engage the listener.

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