Dead Natives – Keep This In Mind – Single Review

The English alt-rock quartet Dead Natives last featured in November of last year.

Dead Natives - Keep This In Mind

Dead Natives

In their latest release Keep This In Mind, which came out towards the tail end of last month, they return to the sound which first drew my attention just over a year ago.

As regular readers will know, I do enjoy music that threatens the plaster on the walls with a grumbling bass. Whilst Keep This In Mind is of their own retrospective catalogue the development in sound is easily discerned with the vocal laying in its most comfortable pitch, as do bass and guitar with a rumbling drum kit harrying laggards, like a sheepdog herding sheep in the far reaches of a hill on a rain swept day and keeping everything tighter than previous music featured, leaving the listener appreciative of the intervention in to the day.

I apologise to one and all for the late posting of this article, which has lain in my inbox since the end of January.

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