Dead Horses – Lay Me Down – Video

Dead Horses is a band based in the USA.

Dead Horses - photo by - Jennifer Newlin Photography

Dead Horses – photo by – Jennifer Newlin Photography

There is a reason I place bands by country and on full band reviews by town /city /village and that is to magnify the inclusiveness of the world of music. On occasion it also enlarges differences and I choose to ask you to spend a moment considering Dead Horses for its very proclamation of a Country and specifically a set of Northern US States, which for its very introspection has a reaction, be it good or bad – it has a reaction – unmistakeably from where it is based.

I happen to enjoy Dead Horses for the very fact of their fettered small town visions, which needs to be explored as much as bands I also ask you to consider with very local traditions, from other countries around the world and marks this as an out-fit that sits on my playlist of bands of geo-political stripe and a list I enjoy pulling out to play as often as I am able, to reflect on the stark contrasts that still exist across the globe, I hope you will too.

Fine musicianship for its very reflection of life around.


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