David Lopez – For You – Video

David Lopez is a hip-hop creator from the USA.

David Lopez

David Lopez

As I often mention – music is of a moment and as I type this article Mr. B. Obama, who today lunched with Mrs. E. Battenburg is sitting down to an evening meal with the Mr W. Battenburg, Mrs. K. Battenburg and Mr. H. Battenburg served by flunkeys whilst discussing how much they care about the world and are concerned about poverty and desperately convincing themselves they really do care, whilst dining on individual meals that cost more than many earn in a month – and that is just the food elements, the wines would pay most food bills for a quarter.

The cost of menus of the lunch trip with the President of the USA hosted by the Queen of The United Kingdom and Commonwealth, followed by the evening meal hosted by the Third (and wife) and fourth in Line to the Throne of The United Kingdom and Commonwealth would feed many hundreds of people, but merely served to feed opulence.

By coincidence this song – For You – by David Lopez fell into my sight, a song released in support of the homeless, not in support of the Emperors Robes and in this moment it struck a chord I felt the need to share. Not a track I would normally ask you to consider – but nonetheless, music finds its moment.


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