David Edlund – Days Gone By – Audio

The Swedish dream-sequence creator David Edlund released his début LP – Magnolia – on the 20th.

David Edlund

David Edlund

The six track approximately twenty three minutes album spins threads of silk which hang in the air even after the notes have faded in to silence. Combinations of electronics, keys, percussion and instrumentation glide between each other, with occasional synthesised sounds from the larynx – leaving the listener becalmed by the weave of textures.

Magnolia is most certainly not an LP to take out on a training run, but is a fine accompaniment to moments of quiet reflection and probably why it has taken me the best part of an hour to jot these few thoughts whilst having the album on repeat loop.

The closing track is Days Gone By.

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Magnolia – EP – David Edlund is available on iTunes.*

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