Das Flüff

Das Flüff is the electro-dream-rock quintet of Dawn LinternSteve MayChristian RulandChris Limb and The Elusive Stranger from London in England.

Das Flüff - I Love You (When You're on the Dancefloor)

Das Flüff

When originally introduced in 2013, Das Flüff, were a trio and the additional of members has enabled the band to add considerable depth and range to the sound. The band deliver a gothic feel that captures the audience in the swooping electronics as the guitar strikes a buzzy edginess as the bass and percussion create the bouncing nature of the tracks. The distinctive vocal blends superbly with the music rounding out the sound with a beguiling expressiveness.

This is a band that works particularly well in company and perhaps explains why they are rarely to be found in the recording studio. Spending their time on live performance, with their last full release dating back to 2013. Das Flüff have resultingly established a strong audience in Germany and England and deserving of a far wider audience.

Occasionally tracks are set to video for wider consumption and it was their most recent – I Love You (When You’re On The Dancefloor) that prompted this review.

It is always a pleasure to come back to Das Flüff and I am looking forward to their next full release, whenever that may surface.

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  1. Thank you for the article! Just to let you know I am currently mixing a third album and we have just released an ep (limited cd edition of 100). If you would like to review it, I’d be really happy to send it to you. Best wishes,

    Dawn Das Fluff

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