DarkTrain Brighton, England based dark-wave collaboration of Lauren Bateman and Marcel Ino.

DarkTrain - dark-wave from England


Formed towards the end of last year, one half from England the other from Canada, DarkTrain fuses dance with goth to deliver dreamscape analogue synths that melt the walls in a contemplative waves of sound. Combining guitar, technology and vocal the duo are able to produce music which is heavy in atmosphere.

The compositions are gently played, giving the resulting out-put ever rolling layers of texture that the mind can feel itself becoming hypnotised by as DarkTrain slowly evolve the pieces around the audience.  This is music that can be played as an ambient mood setter or to focus upon and however served it will wend its way unerringly into the psyche.

Whilst I haven’t had the opportunity to hear much of their music, what I have heard fills me with a sense of anticipation for future tracks. Given the start, DarkTrain is a band you can expect to hear more of during 2015 and I hope to be able to tell you of a full release at some point next year.

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