Dark Model

Dark Model from New York in The USA is the vehicle for the Orchestral EDM compositions of Tatsuya Oe.

Dark Model - Orchestral EDM from The USA

Dark Model

The music of Dark Model strides across the room like a Prima Ballerina taking to the stage – confident, imposing, yet somehow vulnerable. Dark Model delivers a distinctive blend of symphonic classicism transposed as though undergoing electrosynthesis to the majestic and precise sweeps of the electronics.

Whilst it is tempting to wear a tuxedo before settling down to listen, there is no need to, as underneath the majesty lies a darker almost gothic horror to it and the audience can enjoy the theatrical creativity whatever their attire.

Whilst aurally there is plenty to hear and engage which is more than enough to satiate the ears. For the mind and to complete the storyline, due to the drama and conceptualisation this is music that would be better for a laser light show in a dark space to accompany it, or a solo dancer under a single spotlight on stage. That isn’t intended as criticism, but such is the nature of the music the brain wants to devour more. I would expect the music to continue to feature in visual media.

The début eponymous, just under an hour, sixteen track LP by Dark Model was released last month and is certainly one to add to the collection of creative music.


Dark Model – Dark Model is available on iTunes*

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