Dappled Cities – That Sound – Single Review

The Australian alt-indie quintet Dappled Cities are set to release a new single tomorrow.

Dappled Cities

Dappled Cities

Made available, in advance, within the past twenty four hours That Sound discovers a band living in the Hemisphere now heading towards winter, surfacing, with a track that will brighten those of us in the Northern Hemisphere heading towards Summer and the just over three and a half minutes of glowing embers pull towards evenings on the beach in a touch-paper of easy gliding music.

Whilst light on the ears – as That Sound develops, so too do the layers of textures, raising this from mere footprint in the sand awaiting tide to wash it away to a sincerity of statement and whilst not a song I will add to my everyday playlist – something I will happily return to with on the ‘friends at a barbecue’ selection.

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