Dantevilles – Sea Of Change – Audio

The English indie band Dantevilles release the three track single Calm Before The Storm on the 25th.

Dantevilles - Calm Before the Storm - artwork

Dantevilles – Calm Before the Storm – artwork

The middle track Sea Of Change has been made available in advance.

One is minded of a 21st Century version of Dexys Midnight Runners as Dantevilles proffer hula-hoops for the listener to wrap around their hips. Submerged in the happy-clappy disco-diva lies a message of poignancy, allowing the audience the ability to contemplate the societal barbs or wrest in the dance-floor, leaving neither feeling they are left out of the embrace.

There is a sound which should resonate with many around the globe, as their audience is precisely of those of Viola Beach, who people suddenly found interesting after they died. One hopes it will not be after some road accident that the world will take notice of Dantevilles.

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