Danielle Bloom and The Nillionaires

Danielle Bloom and The Nillionaires is centred around the Nashville USA based rock ‘n’ roller Danielle Bloom.

Danielle Bloom and The Nillionaires - rock 'n' roll from the USA

Danielle Bloom and The Nillionaires

Sometimes it is good to strip away all the frippery and where better to go than Nashville for an exploration. Danielle Bloom and The Nillionaires (no that isn’t a repeated typo) finds us considering, not for the first time, a songwriter singer who plays with various players, who although integral for the delivery, are not a steady line-up.

In addition to belting out raw rock, Danielle also has a voice that adds warmth to more soul derived tracks and her ability to switch vocal styles to the moods that she creates in her compositions is the added value. There is nothing fancy here as the music does exactly what it says on the tin delivered with a vocal that focuses the attention. Instruments are given a run out on occasion, but more as a precursor to a switch of emphasis than as an elaborate statement.

Bare-bones rock ‘n’ roll theoretically should be easy to deliver, however due to its very native raw energy, demands strong skills and Danielle Bloom does surround herself with players who match the vocals, making Danielle Bloom and The Nillionaires a fine place to settle when you want to chew on the bones.

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Meet Me In the Middle – Danielle Bloom is available on iTunes*.

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