Dangerous Person?

Dangerous Person? is the alt-electro duo of Rose Hunter and Gustav Jäger from Berlin in Germany.

Dangerous Person? - alt electro from Germany

Dangerous Person?

There is an intriguing combination of throw away pop and considered creativity that underscores the output of Dangerous Person?. To carry this off and leave the listener feeling satiated is no mean feat. Think of Neunundneunzig Luftballons by Nena, where the musical output belies the underlying message, then add a depth of real instrumental and we find ourselves with the duo.

Delightful guitars slither around the room over which dance beat pop electronic loops swoop up the listener and overlaying it is scintillating vocal. Dangerous Person? deliver sounds that can be listened to in a variety of moods and still find a mark that nestles well with the synapses.

One can imagine Rose and Gustav having spent many hours huddled in conversation to explore the edges of their minds to produce the music and it is perhaps not surprising that after three years there is only one EP available, though this is set to be rectified on the 11th October with the release of an LP –  Diving.

Much as I enjoy the output, it will come as no shock to you that I am a little frustrated by the lengthy delay between releases and as I am not in Germany, don’t get the opportunity to do anything other than rely on available recordings as this is music which would play well across wider boundaries, if only they let anyone ever hear any of it.


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