Dan Webb And The Spiders

Dan Webb And The Spiders is Dan Webb (Vocals / Guitar), Chris Amaral (Guitar / Vocals), Marc Valois (Bass / Vocals) and Stephen Benson (Drums) a garage rock band from Boston in The USA.

Dan Webb And The Spiders - Garage rock from The USA

Dan Webb And The Spiders

The walls starting bulging as the high octane energy of Dan Webb And The Spiders careens around the room. The earthy musk is palpable as the quartet delve deep inside, to deliver music, which has a spinning enthusiasm and can’t fail to instil in the listener the same zest.

Dan Webb And The Spiders have worked hard, both on the live circuit and with recorded material over the period so far of their existence and it is a sadness that the sounds are not far better known to a wider audience.

Whilst retaining the bubbling energy, the players are also to compose tracks which have a flowing and surprisingly melodic texture as guitars are given a sparkle. The ever present bass / percussion combination provides the music a rock solid foundation from which the guitars and vocals can revolve, whilst never loosing the impetus of the pile-driver.

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