Damn Terran

Damn Terran from Melbourne in Australia is Lachlan Ewbank (Guitar / Vocals / Percussion), Ali Edmonds (Bass /Vocals) and Leigh Ewbank (Drums / Guitar / Baritone Guitar / Percussion) an alt-indie rock trio.

Damn Terran - alt-indie from Australia

Damn Terran

A combination of  guitar screeches and groans subsumed within an architecture of fine brickwork and Damn Terran offer to the listener a mix of filtered sounds to throw out an interesting space in which to spend some considerable time. The trio are deft musicians though the material sits outside the media friendly radio play slot so sadly their zenith will never be the highpoint they deserve, other than to those with a more discerning taste in music discovery where they sit as a fine example of what can be done with minimalism.

I would envisage their live performances would see packed crowds having a great time as the energetic flashes rip through the audience and even on recording one is left just wanting to see Damn Terran live. The music stands up to scrutiny from any angle as they capably shift between tracks of under two minutes to over four, each track delivered with verve and passion that rattles around the room gathering up the listener in a sweating brow.

Once again Australasia turns up trumps with the slightly off centre and this continent is fast becoming one of my favoured hunting grounds for expressive and fresh creativity.


Damn Terran – Damn Terran is available on iTunes*.

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