Dama Scout – Forget It’s Good – Single Review

Dama Scout is a gaze-rock trio split between Scotland and England.

Dama Scout

Dama Scout

Freshly out of the blocks, Forget It’s Good, their first single was released a couple of hours ago and given the luscious soundscape a trio I expect to come back to frequently.

Forget It’s Good (available on bandcamp) majestically sweeps its way into the room in a haze of captivating vocal and lightly tipped guitar, prior to percussion and bass dropping in to earshot, suddenly giving the track layers of deep resonance to parry with the light. Guitar and drums loop through calmness until unexpectedly firing up like a Harley-Davidsons’ throbbing exhaust bubbling away, only to disappear as quickly.

The juxtapositions of the ideas, rather than causing lament, prick up the ears to pay even greater attention.

I wish Dama Scout every success and look forward to hearing more. Word does arrive that a few songs have already been written and are likely to be revealed in short order.


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