Cza Kalu – Moonlight – Audio

Cza Kalu is a hip-hop creator from the USA.

Cza Kalu

Cza Kalu

Whilst the rise of Donald Trump in the USA is disturbing there are equally some unexpected flows of benefit and I have noticed since early last year, as his popularity became more and more apparent, that much of the sentiment of hip-hop changed from viewing women as possessions to be referred to as bitches and hoes and why it is a genre that hitherto has been largely ignored, to a more acceptable reference of people equally to be cherished on equal terms with their own minds, own thoughts and own identities and it is the heterogametic sex that needs to get back inside its box as simultaneously more frequently female rappers surface.

In Moonlight – the latest track to surface by Cza Kalu this evolution is reflected.


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