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The English gothic-blues quintet Curse Of Lono will be releasing the LP As I Fell on the 17th of August.

Curse Of Lono - photo by Hilary Clarke

Curse Of Lono – photo by Hilary Clarke

The first song to surface from the album. also the first of the eleven tracks – Valentine is a slice of music that finds the listener reaching out to hug the notes to squeeze them closely – sadly that is not possible, so the next best thing is to allow the mind to wrap itself in the sassy-sexy groove as it teases its way out of the speakers.

Sadly many bands don’t quite get the breaks they deserve to evolve in to the wider consciousness despite creating, first and foremost, top-notch music, gaining live performance traction and digging away at the toil, Curse Of Lono are one of those bands, despite a strong and loyal audience they remain just under the radar – that however sadly is also the reality of more general everyday life for far too many too.

With fortune this year will see things develop further for Curse Of Lono with performances at a couple of English festivals booked, four dates in Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland scheduled for July, their regular circuit in England and occasional foray in to Scotland along with the new LP in the wings – time will tell.

As I Fell – Curse of Lono is available on iTunes.*

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