Curse Of Lono – No Trouble – Video

I did say I would come back to the English gothic-blues quintet Curse Of Lono and sooner than I thought, here we are again.

Curse of Lono - No Trouble

Curse of Lono

Delivered as a mellow acoustic rendition – my advice – yank up the volume, kick it harder and then set bass as deep as possible and the pitch as closely as you can find and it is possible to convert No Trouble to plenty of issues for the speakers to deal with and much for the ears to enjoy.

Minding of tumble-weed blowing across desert plains No Trouble, despite the trouble of the double negative of ‘you won’t have no trouble any more’ will fill the mind with larger landscapes than envisaged as the track expansively fills the room with complexities of wind and strummed instrumentation which billow to a vocal which talks to only you.

I will come back to Curse Of Lono next when I can share the bass unleashed and quintet in full flow as I get the sense through the song writing there is far more on offer than plaid.

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