CURS3S – Middle Of The Night – Single Review

The US triphop project CURS3S released the début single Middle Of The Night on the 29th of December.



On hitting play the hushed electronica melts in to an irresistible viscosity, akin to pieces of chocolate in a bowl atop a saucepan of warm water, with the listeners finding themselves transfixed.

As Middle Of The night – a collaboration with INFMS – floats through the room,  the song adds a gentle undulation as split vocals and building bass-loop sweep through the ears enrobing the audience in a soft blanket in which to allow the mind to drift in to relaxed temper.

Middle Of The Night is one of those rare songs in which a 12″ vinyl extended version would not be extraneous, rather a welcomed addition.


INFMSsocial media page

Middle of the Night – Single – CURS3S & INFMS is available on iTunes.*

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  1. Appreciate the love! Thank you, Tim!

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