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The English alt-rock outfit Curry Quiche released the LP Behind The Machine on the 27th.

Curry Quiche - Orramarite

Curry Quiche

With a very different fulcrum to their previous album –  Rock N Roll Rotherham, Behind The Machine is a weightier proposition with the music tempered in progressive psychedelia, which allows Curry Quiche to expand on the themes of the individual tracks with most of them extending to over three and a half minutes.

That isn’t to say the sense of fun has been replaced by dour introspective in the eleven track almost forty minutes of the album as the music is of satirical commentary of the world around, with some of the tracks containing the bouncing rock ‘n’ roll of previous work.

Pressing Percussion / Bass combinations keep the pieces moving forward with the guitars having the room to explore the themes in greater detail, whilst the synths provide the psychedelic pitch to the sounds as vocal casts wary commentary on societal mores.

My selection from the well conceived and delivered LP is the third – Orramarite, in an album that contains many gems and well worth adding to the collection.

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