Crows – The Itch – Audio

The English dark-rock outfit Crows will be releasing the EP Cold Comfort on the 18th of November.

Crows - The Itch


Each time I return to Crows so they seem to find a way to disport further disembowelled bottomless cavernous mine-shafts of misery.

The opening track on the EP – The Itch, akin to a black-hole will countenance no illumination as the dampened bass and lowly strung guitar strings glottal stop further enunciation whilst punctuated percussion slams around the room in unfettered frustration as the scant regard to emotive projection is provided by the automation of vocal as Crows describe of the dystopian presence which they perceive from outside their reality.

Once again Crows are able to aurally describe the reality of life for many people in a world so intent on the prescribed ‘doing the right thing’ they have forgotten what those words actually mean in reality rather than in ‘newspeak’ of the dystopic realism of what is now proscribed as to ‘do the right thing’.

Cold Comfort – EP – Crows is available on iTunes.*

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