Cross Wires

Cross Wires a new wave band from Romford in England is Jonathan Chapman (Vocals), Peter Muller (Guitar / Vocals), Pete Letch (Bass / Vocals) and Ian Clarke (Drums).

Cross Wires - new-wave from England

Cross Wires

Having had a look at some of the more esoteric sounds and bands recently it is a pleasure to head back nearer to my natural territory. Brief fiery rock with the raw edges is easy to understand as the message is defined by the very brevity and simplicity.  That isn’t to say that Cross Wires are a pastiche of the music of 30 odd years ago, as there is a more buffered and polished feel, which reflects on the recording technologies currently in use and has a currency of sound.

The quartet keep the compositions driving forwards whilst allowing the notes the space to become defined with ska inflections, giving the whole out-put a somewhat airy feel and as a result the tracks seem somewhat longer than their typically compact two and three quarter minutes. A new EP Assembly is set for release in February to follow up from earlier material and having had the opportunity to hear a couple of tracks from the release, I don’t think those who already know the band will be disappointed.


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