Cross Record – High Rise – Video

Cross Record is the US ethereal rock project centred around Emily Cross who are due to release the LP  – Wabi-Sabi on the 29th of January 2016.

Cross Record - Wabi-Sabi - artwork

Cross Record – Wabi-Sabi – artwork

The fourth of the nine tracks – High Rise – splinters into the room in fragmentation before reforming to a forlorn minimalist shape that slowly circumnavigates the listener in a chilling hue of guitars and synthetics whilst the percussion stamps out a path of circumspection over which an almost mythical vocal shimmers above the circling outline. The track only lasts for one hundred and eighty seconds, but life stands stock still for the duration and extracts much from the subconscious in such a brief number of ticks of the second-hand.

Not music to play just before planning a restful nights sleep, but most certainly to add the playlist for contemplative mood.


Wabi-Sabi – Cross Record is available on iTunes.*

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