Crawling With Cops

Chris G. Simmons and Claire Lempke from Madison in the USA form the new-wave outfit Crawling With Cops.

Crawling With Cops - new-wave from the USA

Crawling With Cops

One can only imagine if Crawling With Cops were a quartet quite how loud they would be, as this is a duo who need to be heard with ears bleeding and walls shaking.

The duo switch voices through tracks giving the compositions immense vocal range and melody and the blistering guitar fires like an arrow though the speakers. It is the sub-woofers that struggle as the impatient drum-kit emits thumps from each skin and piece of metal whilst the sublime bass makes the listener want to melt into the sonics.

Yet to release their début LP Oojah Cum Pivvy which doesn’t surface until the 1st of June – Crawling With Cops are a band who should already be on your playlist. For those of us not in the USA the very good news is rather than getting out to tour the album, they will be heading back into the studio to record a follow-up, the reverse is true if you are however in the USA as this is sound that venues would be delighted to have on their stage to ensure they are able pack the night.

Time will tell how Crawling With Cops decide to ensure they are able to perform as well in live performance as Studio recording as with only two players it is an impossible idea and ‘guest musicians’ probably won’t have the heart and soul of the tracks sufficiently invested to replicate the joy the audience gains from the current sound.

From the ten track Oojah Cum PivvyLick Suzie Suzie.


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