Crashfaster from San Francisco in the USA is the electro-rock quartet of Morgan Tucker (Vocal / Percussion), Devin Nixon (Percussion), Ryan Case (Guitar) and Keiko Takamura (Vocals).

Crashfaster - electro-rock from the USA


Crashfaster feature instruments, drums and synthesis to give an outer-space sensory journey of rock derived electronica. In some ways I am minded of progressive rock bands of the ’70s such as ELO, however the quartet are far less self indulgent, creating music that is focussed on the audience.

Albeit electronic wizardry sits as a focal point of the music, it is wreathed around smartly shaped rock riffs that have something of a dance feel to them allowing the listener to approach the material from a variety of angles. The material maintains a fulcrum of direction, while the musicians introduce a diversity of layers to the resulting output which simultaneously captures the mind and the feet.

A couple of LPs behind them, the most recent Further, which came out in November has seen a slight shift towards a more instrumental led sound, which I have to say is a journey I would like to see Crashfaster continue, though the electronics form an integral part to the space and pacing of the music and are a vital ingredient to the soundscape.


Further – crashfaster is available on iTunes*.

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