CrashDollz is the Detriot, USA, heavy metal quartet of Nikki Darling (Vocals), Rachel Rekkit (Guitar), Brian Kaos (Drums) and Kevin “Krank” Kekes (Bass).

CrashDollz - Heavy Metal from the USA


Hit play and you will soon find yourself with a stiff neck as head-banging is an essential accompaniment to the high energy rock thrust into the room by CrashDollz. As subtle as a brick in the face, this is music which is hurled into the audience.

The well-set framework of bass and drums allows CrashDollz to set this off with slick guitar riffs and a mewling vocal which gives the rock rooted material a jolt from the ’80s to the ’10s with a lightness of touch that makes the music far more than a throwback. This is a band who I should not be reviewing as they offer everything that a major label could possibly want from an act, yet, such are the vagaries of the industry and I am delighted that they currently remain precisely the reason Indie Bands Blog started back in 2009 and I wish them all the best for the future.

Accosting attitude, visceral vocals, glittering guitar, drilling drums, booming bass, vixen visuals – what else does a band need I ponder?

I leave this review feeling completely invigorated and refreshed as CrashDollz make the 21st Century seem relevant once again; in one fell swoop of engaging enthusiasm and impressive musical competence.

Thank you CrashDollz for doing what you do and long may you continue to do it, ever more loudly.

For now I am off to keep on wrecking my neck and exacerbate my tinnitus. Those of you who have been around for more than five minutes with my thoughts on the world will understand precisely why I had to select this tune by CrashDollz as something to consider….


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