Counterpoint Culture

Counterpoint Culture is Cameron Pappas (Lead Vocals), Andrew Krause (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals), Dylan Streshly (Bass) and Carlson Miller (Drums / Percussion) an alt-rock band from San Diego in The USA.

Counterpoint Culture - alt rock from the USA

Counterpoint Culture

When Counterpoint Culture step away from the middle of the road I find a band I can engage with, however they are able to play right slap-bang in the middle of the user friendly rock stage and at that point, well, you know my thoughts on the middle ground, so let’s ignore that and concentrate on the area that makes these guys worth spending time with.

A couple of years experience behind them and the quartet have created a smooth musicianship which cuts cleanly through the air and into the  glossy aesthetics they drip feed scintillating ripples of discordance, which gives the music depth and definition. Influences from The Caribbean and Carnaby Street are mixed in to  american blues rock giving a sound that has the ears pinned back captivated in the confident delivery and neat redirection.

With a new LP set for release imminently – The Chase -, it will be interesting to see the direction this one takes. I have had the opportunity to hear three of the tracks. If you are a fan of clean shaven rock, then I am sure it will be absolutely on the button. For those who prefer the less salubrious bars, then I am hopeful, as two of the three tracks do have some interesting diversions.

It is always problematical for me to review this genre of music, as you know, as the very fact that they are well structured and sharp sounding, puts me off and it shouldn’t. However don’t let my reticence put you off, Counterpoint Culture is a band to get to know and well worth spending some time with, else I wouldn’t have asked you to consider their output.


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