Coquin Migale

Coquin Migale from Newcastle in England is the alt-rock quartet of Alex Soper (Guitar / Vocals), Matthew Wotton (Guitar), Stevie Kane (Bass), Dan (Drums).

Coquin Migale - Photo by Mike Veitch

Coquin Migale – Photo by Mike Veitch

Drops of psychedelia combine with indie-rock as Coquin Migale seeps across the room. The guitars, which paint flourishes of hazy smoke set the tenet of the out-put, which curls its way into the head as they foil with each other. The percussion and bass stand like sentries marking the boundaries adding a more serious face to the sound. These combinations allow the quartet to take the out-put on unexpected directions of travel. Rounding out the sound is a vocal which adds a fragility that raises Coquin Migale from an interesting band to an out-fit you just want to hear more from.

Just over a year into their journey their Second EP – Feel is set to be launched on the 11th. Although only having had the opportunity to hear one song from the forthcoming release, there seems to be a sharper more rock influenced focus compared to their début EP Yellow Room which came out last year.

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