Colt 66

Colt 66 from Belfast in Northern Ireland and Bristol in England is the scowling-rock collaboration between Dan Moxham and Wild Blue Rivers.

Colt 66 - scowl-rock from England

Colt 66

The laconic tracks by Colt 66 shorn of flummery bristle around the room in bad-temper brushing the audience into cowering in the corner as the acerbic lyric seethes of frustration. Braving the fulminations the audience finds this is a sound full of foot-steps to follow and soon the darts become welcome scars to take the listener on a rock-a-billy derived journey, which finds the body happily stepping round the open spaces. Think – The Cramps without Poison Ivy and you are in the ball-park of Colt 66.

The out-put of Colt 66 for its very bareness invites the mind to dwell on the compositions and very soon finds that far from being a sound of hostility they quickly become the sort of friends that you can’t believe you haven’t known all your life as they seem to understand you so well.

A début eponymous LP appeared in the latter half of last year and is well worth grabbing hold of along with a new pair of ботинки на манной каше. I am already looking forward to the follow-up.


Colt 66 – Colt 66 is available on iTunes.*

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