Colt 66 – Spectres Relaxing – Audio

The Northern Irish / English rockabilly duo Colt 66 released the AA side two track single Stranger Today / Spectres Relaxing on the 6th.

Colt 66 - Spectres Relaxing

Colt 66

The familiar grumbling scowl of consternation peers from the speakers in Spectres Relaxing before launching itself into the room in a flurry of hurtled brothel creepers which has the listener immediately two stepping in unity. The gravelled vocal scours the ears whilst the fuzzy guitar caresses the lobes as the pulsing percussion shoots darts to the floor ensuring feet are lifted in quick-time and in the same glare as arrived so the just under three and a quarter minute track balefully crumples back out of the room leaving the listener braying for more.

One can only hope it isn’t another gap of approaching year and half before Colt 66 find the time to create a follow up to Stranger Today / Spectres Relaxing (available on bandcamp) and we can both find a reason to one again lace up the red suede shoes.

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