Cold Nova – Another Race To Run – Audio

Cold Nova is a new indie-synth project from the USA.

Cold Nova

Cold Nova

Not existing other than a moment in a minds eye on the 1st of January Cold Nova is another of those fresh musical ideas it is always a pleasure to share with you.

Five tracks surfaced together in a loosely tied Eponymous EP a few days ago – a phalanx of about fourteen minutes of compositions which thread between retrospective new-romanticism and synth-rock in an intriguing procession, which, for those of longer ears will also noticeably recognise spirals from Aneka of 1981 though offers far more than a mere reworking as Cold Nova is able to ingest the listener with a template of the ’10s with material that has greater propensity to twists and turns along the way.

My selection of the songs available is Another Race To Run.

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