Cloud Caverns

Cloud Caverns is an acoustic alt-rock band centred around Brandon Peterson and Dan Bouza based in New York in The USA.

Cloud Caverns - Photo by Keith Kevin Stein

Cloud Caverns – Cloud Caverns – Photo by Keith Kevin Stein

An interesting collection of tracks meets the ears on listening to Cloud Caverns, as although there is a recognizable under-current they deploy a variety of featured instruments with additional players on compositions and this inherently changes the range of sounds from the straight folk rock to the experimental and it is this variety of styles which makes the out-fit such an enticing proposition.

This is material which needs to be allowed to float around the head to achieve maximum value and I would strongly suggest taking some time out to allow space for a lengthy wallow inside the music that is Cloud Caverns. With thirteen additional players and nine additional instruments being brought in, on their recent twelve track release Gypsy Loft, which follows on from a five track EP, Blind Willow a year earlier, I would envisage live performance to be somewhat problematical, so expect to get to know the band through recordings, even if a next door neighbour.

The eclectic range of sounds are well worth savouring and I look forward to hearing more in the future.

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