Clones Of Clones – I Don’t Need Your Love – EP Review

Clones Of Clones from the USA release the three track EP – I don’t Need Your Love on the 11th November.

Clones Of Clones - I Don't Need Your Love - artwork

Clones Of Clones – I Don’t Need Your Love – artwork

Opening with the title track – I don’t Need Your Love which is three and a half minutes of submerged melodrama. I am minded of immersive ’70s progressive rock, to which the Clones Of Clones have added a pep of caffeine and the listener is left, not with navel gazing, rather an intoxicating moreishness as the bubbling incandescence is veiled behind a screen of voile which demands immediate reply as the expansive notes float around the room.

Following is Out Loud, which much as the title suggests pulls aside the curtains – with a blend of ’60s British Blues Rock and Madchester adding a dash of Americana, there is a captivating cascade of petals which carpet the ears in scents to inhale which you just want to grab hold of and embrace tightly as the sounds slip out of reach.

Concluding with The Battle Between and intriguingly the EP has a feature, each track about half a minute longer than the one prior, yet as I Don’t Need Your Love progresses, so time seems to constrict. Of distinction on The Battle Between, are the engrossing Synth / Guitar intertwining and a military tattooed percussion, which gives the piece stunning layers of textures.

I recommend grabbing hold of I Don’t Need Your Love when it launches next month.


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