Clockwork Noise

Clockwork Noise an alt-rock band from Dublin in Ireland is Robert Maguire  (Vocals / Guitar / Soundscapes / Samples), Blathnaid Healy (Violin / Cello / Vocals), Dylan Nolan (Bass / Synth / Vocals), Chris O’Connor (Guitar / Vocals / Trombone / Synth) and Michael Fenton (Drums / Vocals / Percussion / Organ).

Clockwork Noise - alt-rock from Eire

Clockwork Noise

The combinations of instruments and electronics enable Clockwork Noise to experiment with various ideas. Tempting as it may have been, rather than thrown the whole lot into the pot, the quintet deliver softly spoken compositions which take full value of the various sounds on offer.

Whilst there is a little bit of everything in the resulting out-put the band doesn’t make it a confusion for the audience as underlying the central pillar is a rock driven sound which is softened by the landscape of instrumentation that surrounds the music. Of particular delight is when strings and electronics weave through the sounds giving the listener a sense of the traditional and modernistic combining in delightful harmony.

Having taken themselves largely out of the live circuit whilst they recorded their debut nine track LP Whethermachines which came out earlier this year it will be interesting to see if Clockwork Noise aim to restore a touring presence, transferring the studio sounds to the stage.


Whethermachines – Clockwork Noise is available on iTunes*.

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