CLIFFHANGER – Barbed Wire Bat – Single Review

It was back in 2014 that the US indie-rock band CLIFFHANGER last featured.

CLIFFHANGER - Barbed Wire Bat - artwork

CLIFFHANGER – Barbed Wire Bat – artwork

On the 24th CLIFFHANGER released Barbed Wire Bat (available on bandcamp) and immediately on hitting play I recalled precisely what I enjoy about their music.

Just under three and a quarter minutes of sparkling effervescent sunlight pours in to the room, catching hold of the listeners on its way past the ears and launching them in to frenetic dance-step with a joyful grin on their face.

I hope it isn’t yet another lengthy before I return back to CLIFFHANGER who are able to deliver music of delighted high-tempo abandon without ever loosing timing and direction.

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