Clay Dudash

Clay Dudash is the indie folk outfit centred around Clay Dudash from Tucson in The USA.

Clay Dudash - indie folk from The USA

Clay Dudash

Before you hit play, don flares and throw over some beads, stand up and shake as you hit play, the rest will occur naturally. Retro sits well in the right hands and Clay Dudash has the right hands to provide music which rattles around the scintillated body. Through utilisation of additional players and vocal the balance of the material is allowed to flow smoothly through the room.

Expect no surprises in the space as Clay Dudash casts an acerbic eye across the landscape, providing a running commentary, whilst providing a conductor to strike an earth through which the bolts of lighting, expounded in the lyric, can ground themselves.

The resonance of the output lies in the contradiction betwixt lyric and the mellow mood of  the music, which is precisely the footprint in which Dylan excelled.

More time and personal confidence, may perhaps allow Dudash the resilience to write more explicit protest songs for the 21st Century. It will be interesting to see if he takes up the cudgels of his own personal perspective of the world in a more direct manner, I hope he does and then we will have something of lasting memory.

For now, I recommend getting to know Clay Dudash in the embryonic stages.

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