Clawmachine – Psyche – Audio

The Australian funkwave project, centred around Dylan Lindquist – Clawmachine revealed the EP Good Harvest on the 28th of May.



A five track EP of feathered darts which slides meanders around the room akin to a paper aeroplane finding unexpected thermals to lift its flight.

Never challenging the listener to do more than rest in comfort, the music nonetheless doesn’t lay as pastel wallpaper on the wall with its dexterous movements and undulations.

Not necessarily something to pull out on daily basis, rather to imbibe along with a glass of brandy moment while contemplating that all in life is not too bad whilst allowing the synths, instrumentation and vocal to add to the bouquet.

The closing song is Psyche, featuring the voice of Whitney Veitch.


Whitney Veitchsocial media page

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