Citris – Little Scars – Video

The US grunge quartet Citris release the LP Panic In Hampton Bays on the 24th.

Citris - Panic In Hampton Bays - artwork

Citris – Panic In Hampton Bays – artwork

As the music emerges on the second of the dozen tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) Little Scars, so the room is devoured in sparing intonation as the droning bulldozer flattens the surroundings.

A style of music which is always difficult to deliver while retaining interest from the listener Citris are able to speckle Little Scars with eddies in which the listener momentarily dwells prior to being swept along, once again, in the tidal surge and rather than the mind wandering off to pastures new the audience remains transfixed by the subtly evolving shapes of sound.

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