Circle – Thylacine – Video

It was back in 2012 that the agit-psychedelia band from Australia Circle first appeared and over two years since last featured.

Circle - Thylacine - artwork

Circle – Thylacine – artwork

Agit-psychedelia – you may be thinking there is an oxymoron in itself, allow me to elucidate further… their latest track, which surfaced earlier in the month Thylacine is a revolving composition which folds within itself as the acerbic lyrical content sears through the moral turpitude of societal construct as the backdrop of recorded commentary justifies widespread slaughter of the Tasmanian Devil, in the same vein in which the execution of Badgers, here in England and Wales is served as an idea of probity, whilst the song reflects of how socio-political reflection deems those ‘not worthy’ are the parasitic enemy.

I merely hope it is long before 2019 our paths cross once again.

Thylacine – Circle is available on iTunes.*

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