Christian and the 2120’s

Christian and the 2120’s is a rock band from Ljungbyholm in Sweden comprising Christian Smedström (Vocals / Guitar), Kristoffer Ragnstam (Drums / Guitar / Vocals), Joel Lundberg (Guitar / Keys / Vocals) and Esben Willems (Drums / Vocals).

Christian and the 2120's - rock from the USA

Christian and the 2120’s

Perhaps it is that I am fascinated to find on the remote South Eastern coast of Sweden there emanates a sound that should be from North Dakota. That aside these are top notch musicians who deliver music which possesses both vocal and instrumental dexterity.

Not my natural territory by any stretch of the imagination nonetheless Christian and the 2120’s compose songs which hold the attention with blues americana rock having been given a sanding of garage rock to provide the brain something on which to latch. The disparate voices and instruments which they deploy provide the audience with a genuine experience containing some fascinating twists and turns along the way.

Their latest release, which came out today, the eleven track Different Strokes / Different Folks, which I have had the opportunity to enjoy is a great place to spend some time as they mix the tracks continually providing something new each time and rather than something like an American road following a straight line into the horizon it is more like a road wending its way around a fjord and this makes for an interesting journey rather than a path of least resistance from A to B.


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