Chris Marksbury – She’s Alright – Single Review

The US rock musician Chris Marksbury surfaced with a new track a few hours ago.

Chris Marksbury - She's Alright

Chris Marksbury

She’s Alright is a departure from the normal Americana rock of Chris Marksbury in a track that not only steps across the Atlantic Ocean, but also steps back in time to a Merseybeat retrospective. It is somewhat intriguing how often I have referenced ‘Merseybeat’ in the recent past, are we on a trend-line? Am I becoming hip?

Harmonica intersperses with guitar leaving the listener clapping hands in time as She’s Alright spinneys around the room like a yacht tacking course as the undulating sounds track towards the bouy. The joyful bounces of stern skimming the waves is a new departure for a musician who has recorded catalogue dating back many a year and it sounds as fresh as a daisy allowing Chris the opportunity to spread his sails once again.

Not only is this a track that gives the audience a lift, but as someone who speaks to creator from time to time I find a lightened mood, which, on a personal note makes me smile inwardly.

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