Chimpshed A.D.

Chimpshed A.D. is the psychedelic lo-fi duo of Richard Peacock and John Hancock from Wimborne Minster in England.

Chimpshed A.D. psychedelic lofi from England

Chimpshed A.D.

Newly exposed to the wider world within the past year Chimpshed A.D. have warmed the tones of the wandering sounds with the luxury of analogue, which in the age of ‘digital pretty much everything’ is bliss to aged ears like mine. This technique allows the duo to extract the full juice from the notes, which gives the resulting out-put a creamy frothiness in which the listener just wants to settle.

Both the keys and guitar are allowed to spray the room in kaleidoscopes of colours which wash like water-paints on blotting paper. Whilst Chimpshed A.D. allow the notes to meander, the audience is not left in a psychotropic haze, as there is an underlaying steadiness to the compositions which enables the duo to provide music that is fused into finely constructed pieces. Through the tracks a subsumed vocal is provided which plays as though an accompanying instrument adding an extra thread to the compositions rather than a focal point.

A nine track  eponymous LP – is a welcome launching pad for the duo. The tracks all retain the core sound, yet each uniquely spaced, with influences from different genres being given the Chimpshed A.D. treatment and I look forward to hearing more from the duo in short order.


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