Chimpshed A.D. – Intervention – Audio

The English expressionist duo Chimpshed A.D. you will know if you are of longer stay and will also have travelled their journey from introduction in 2014.

Chimpshed A.D. - Intervention

Chimpshed A.D.

The latest number to surface is Intervention which is a marked step in their acerbity in a funk-groove number that stretches across the palette of the creations previously iterated as they fuse concepts of Huggy Bear and Derek Hatton to leave the listener in a conflagration of introspection.

Chimpshed A.D. is able to eviscerate the mind of the audience with their sharply ploughed contemplative which scours across the room in insistent tempo as they challenge preconception in a fusillade of corkscrews of electronica that drills the mind the longer the excoriating statement of Intervention plays.

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