Chimpshed A.D. – Golden Ray – EP Review

Back in July of last year I introduced Chimpshed A.D. from England. On the 2nd of February they release the four track EP Golden Ray – perhaps best summed up as Northern Soul for the 2010s.

Chimpshed A.D. - Golden Ray - artwork

Chimpshed A.D. – Golden Ray – artwork

Immediately on hitting Toad In The Hole there is a new reference-point to the out-put as Chimpshed A.D. deliver a track which harks of influences of Beatnik with only a gauzy layer of psychedelia and a far more acerbic lyric that gives the opener plenty of points of interest.

Next is the title track Golden Ray which fuses jazz with groove to take the listener across a neon-lit multi-coloured dance floor. The tautly strung notes gives the track a retro-disco feel and I am minded to dress in wide collars and flares to get into the theme.

Track three is Cabin Fever and my pick of the release as Chimpshed A.D. head into deep funk territory – think Antonio Fargas.

Closing out a release that gives Chimpshed A.D. an even more expansive sea of blue-water to much of what sails today is Ayalla Kieesha which is steeped in fusion soul, set again to a lyric which holds relevance to the issues of the day.

Chimpshed A.D. have put together a top-notch release in Golden Ray that has the ears reminded of the ‘then’ whilst holding a firm footing in the now.

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