Childrenn – Handcuffed – Video

The Danish industrial rock quartet Childrenn released the LP Animale earlier this month.

Childrenn- Animale - test pressing

Childrenn- Animale – test pressing

The first of the six tracks – Handcuffed scatters out of the speakers in a whir of heavy machinery prior to settling into slowly evolving psychedelic tinged rock. Childrenn allow their ideas to grow almost organically and the just under four minutes are filled with revolving expanses of similarity, much like thunderclouds billowing in a storm.

Handcuffed is the shortest track on Animale, less than half the running time of the longest, but sets a good stool as to what is to be expected on the Childrenn début LP. The fact that these are experienced musicians from established bands is clearly reflected in the confidence of the out-put, yet they refrain from becoming aloof and offer up some refreshingly new ideas through the album.

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Animale – Childrenn is available on iTunes.*

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