Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr from Los Angeles in the USA is the garage rock trio of Clementine Creevy (Vocals / Guitar), Hannah Uribe (Drums) and Sean Redman (Bass).

Cherry Glazerr - Garage Rock from The USA

Cherry Glazerr

Shearing the extraneous from the sounds Cherry Glazerr deliver unpretentious music which exemplifies all that is best of the basal roots of rock. Bleeding bass notes are fizzed with a well tempered percussion, whilst the guitar and vocals spread their wings to give the compositions texture.

It is of no surprise that this relatively new band has already gathered a fanatical local following as the out-put is easy to understand and genuine, whilst being delivered with pitch and time perfection, to give the sound an integrity and listenability that is underlain by vitality. That isn’t to think that the songs are simplistic as, within the flowing material, sit well crafted progressions giving the music depth and finesse.

Cherry Glazerr deliver sounds that travel well further afield and the welcome addition of a couple of LPs, the most recent ten track being Haxel Princess which appeared earlier this year, ensure those of us not in the USA and local area can also enjoy the music, which is best shared with friends at an impromptu party.

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