Cherri Fosphate

The indie-rock band Cherri Fosphate from Glasgow in Scotland, comprises Jonny Sharpe (Vocals / Guitar), Alan Robinson (Lead Guitar), Jordan Lannigan (Bass) and Sonny Kainth (Drums).

Cherri Fosphate - indie-rock from Scotland

Cherri Fosphate

Formed back in 2012 Cherri Fosphate have spent much of their time on the live circuit in Scotland, to some considerable success, which has meant those of us further afield have had scant material to hear. Soon to be rectified, with a ten track LP – We Didn’t Come Here To Say Goodbye due for release on the 20th, as a follow up to the four track EP Burning Youth, which came out in 2013.

Cherri Fosphate deliver music that has the listener quickly energised as the flailing sounds burst into the room. Combining punchy percussion, gangly guitar, blistering bass and vituperative vocal the quartet are able to unify the melodious with the minacious, leaving the audience feeling they have been been belted by a velvet camouflaged glove.

Having served their apprenticeship, I can only hope that the release of We Didn’t Come Here To Say Goodbye will enable Cherri Fosphate to deservedly broaden their reach.


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